Affiliate to Private Deals

This is extremely profitable, but if you generate enough sales for a vendor that can often contact them to get a higher percentage of commission.

So, if he or she is offering everyone say 50% commission and you’ve  Generated at least a few hundred sales for them – you can typically ask for a 10% increase.

Plus, if you can work out a private special deal where their offer just your list for sending so many cells that might help you convert more sales…

( For example – maybe the vendor can offer a special bonus such as a product they normally sell –  but it’s free for your customers because you‘ve  helped them. )

Because you’ve  helped the vendor – they should be in the over backwards to help you.

Often times we find that a good vendor is the difference between pennies and thousands of dollars earned..      if the vendor is willing to work with you – then you’re more likely to have a win-win situation….

But…  if  The vendor is lazy and isn’t willing to bend over backwards, then move on and find their competition.

We’ve found that many a time that if the vendor fits this description – it  won’t go anywhere.

Show their competition how many sales made for the competitor, and see if they’re willing to work with you.